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Slashing German Soap Operas
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Slashing German Soap Operas


This is a community dedicated to slashing German soap operas, because they make it so easy for us with the current storylines of Ollian and (well, once the whole Vanessa thing is cleared away) DeRo. :-) If you want to join this community, please realize that there will be lots of homoerotic content. If that's not your cup of tea, well, there's always this. *winks*

Some (preliminary) rules:

1. Don't flame, bash or troll. You'll get banned. Respect other people's opinions.

2. You can post news, meta, rants, fanfiction and fanart here, anything to do with Verbotene Liebe and Alles was Zählt is good.

3. LJ-cuts are your best friend ever.

3. Please post in English to make this community more accessible for the foreign fans who don't understand German. If you have to post in German, please give a short summary of what you're posting about. These restrictions don't apply to the comments. *winks*

4. When you post fanfiction, please include the following things in your header:

Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Language (German or English)
Warning (if needed, i.e. death fic, non-con, rape, angst, knife kink, ...)
Disclaimer (i.e. This story is complete fiction.)
Summary (this is not mandatory, but it would be nice - also please in English)

5. Have fun!


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What is this DeRo/Ollian thing?

Ollian are Christian and Oliver from Verbotene Liebe. DeRo are Deniz and Roman from Alles Was Zählt. Soap operas are a fickle medium. Storylines take a turn for the worse, characters are backburnered, storylines get ended and characters get written off. When one storyline is in a lull the other one might be picking up steam.

Therefore this comm is open to all the gay storylines and characters on German soaps.

When will my guys be on again?

Check our spoiler free listings for what airdates the guys are scheduled to be on. Ollian and DeRo


Our affliates:

deutsch_bigbang - only in German and intended to make German fandom activities more popular in the German-speaking part of fandom. Feel free to join! :-)